Support our capital campaign for Paul Robeson High School

NERDiT CARES and West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative

NERDiT CARES is committed to our mission of bridging the digital divide through access to technology and education. We are excited to partner with the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative for the first Capital Campaign for Paul Robeson High School. 


Paul Robeson High School is one of Philadelphia’s premier high schools.  In 2013, the school was on Pennsylvania’s list of lowest-performing schools but through the hard work, dedication and passion of faculty, staff and students, has been turned into one of the highest performing schools in the district.  Paul Robeson has a soaring 95% graduation rate and is currently led by Principal Richard Gordon, honored as the 2021 National Principal of the Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

The school has received numerous awards including the 2019 High Academic Progress Designation from the PA Department of Education, Citations for Academic Achievement from the City of Philadelphia and a 2018 Award for Outstanding Safe School Climate.  Despite the progress, an overwhelming number of students attending Paul Robeson do not have access to personal computers.



Unrestricted access to the internet through devices has extraordinary benefits: out-of-class-time learning, access to news publications, YouTube how-to videos, articles, and the ability to search and get hired for remote jobs.

“The simple gift of a computer can change a student’s life. I know because it changed mine”
Markevis Gideon, Founder of NERDiT Cares, CEO of NERDiT Now

The Campaign

NerditCARES is partnering with the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative, the largest business association in West Philadelphia for a $25,000 capital campaign. Reaching our campaign goal will allow us to fund Chromebook computers for every student attending the Paul Robeson High School. 

To kick-off the campaign, NERDiT CARES and WPCC hosted an event on September 29th – donating the first 50 computers to the school. 

Now we need your help!

“The business community has an extraordinary ability to help solve civic challenges. I am calling on businesses across our district to help us meet the goal of this campaign and provide every student at Paul Robeson High School a computer”
Jabari Jones

Please contact Karina Hill at for any inquiries.