About Us

Our Mission

“In today’s world, having access to technology is a critical part of getting an education and finding gainful employment. No student should be forced to go to school without a functional and modern computer or tablet. The mission of the NERDiT Foundation is simple: we must close the digital divide for communities of color.”

What We Offer

A hands-on approach to learning. We provide you with equipment to test, configure, use, break, and repair. Yes, we said break. You can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. We offer a highly supportive environment where you can make those mistakes, ask questions, and grow into a certified IT support professional. Our approach is simple: hear, see, and do. Magic happens when one can explore, and that’s what NERDiT Cares offers. Come explore the IT profession as a real option for you.

No Prior Experience, Just Motivation

You don't need a degree, a certification, coursework or experience. Show us how motivated you are to learn and how committed you'll be to seeing your dream come to life.

Opportunities for Community

Whether you're interested in learning how to use a computer or fix a computer, we have opportunities. We even donate computers if you or your organization need support. We want all to feel included and welcomed into the NERDiT Ecosystem. Our goal is to close the digital divide, and we can do that when we support each other.

Stipend & Wages Paid

NERDiT Cares pays for you to learn IT support. We pay a $100 weekly stipend to pre-apprentices who are learning the fundamentals to tech support. We pay an hourly wage to apprentices who are implementing that support. It's a win-win.

Our Story

This all started when a caring teacher gave NERDiT CARES founder, Markevis Gideon, the gift of a computer.

From that simple gift, Markevis began developing the skills that he would use to create a tech career and become an entrepreneur.

For over 5 years, us NERDs have been working to share this gift and this dream with others. NERDiT CARES is on a mission to close digital, income, and wealth divides by providing technology and skills to the communities we serve.

Our device donations ensure people aren’t locked out of the internet economy. Our workforce development programs launch men and women into high paying tech and entrepreneurial careers.

In 2020 we donated over 8,000 computers, and trained over 25 apprentices and pre-apprentices. Come grow with us!