Workforce Development

Developing the Next Generation of IT Professionals

The NERDiT Academy is here to empower you to succeed in today’s economy. Our training program provides both theoretical and hands-on training for all our apprentices and pre-apprentices. In this growth-oriented environment, you will learn practical skills that will equip you for a number of good paying jobs in the technical field.
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NERDiT Training Timeline

ApplyStart of Quarter

Applications Open for Pre-Apprenticeship

Applications Open for Pre-Apprenticeship
  • No one is turned away for academic credentials
  • Pre-apprentiship (no prior experience, just motivation)
  • Cohorts are going to launch every quarter (a month before, applications open, apply, accepted)
Pre-Apprenticeship12 Weeks

Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Pre-Apprenticeship Program
  • $100 a week Stipend
  • Cohorts are going to launch every quarter
  • Certification for IT Fundamentals
Apprenticeship52 Weeks

Apprenticeship Work

Apprenticeship Work
  • Net+ Certification
  • Opportunity to get up to three more (NCASs) in addition to Net+
GraduationAfter 1 Year

Graduation & Opportunities

Graduation & Opportunities
  • Qualified for an IT job but there’s a guaranteed job at NERDiT
  • 18-20 dollar an hour wage guaranteed

Post-Graduate Opportunities

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Making Better Futures

Our graduates leave with the skills needed for the next generation of jobs.

Post-Workplace Jobs
Net+ Certification
Additional Certification